Finding The Right Domain Name For Your Online Business

There are over a hundred million domain names registered so it is little wonder that you find it difficult to get the name you want today. What’s more, things look like they will only get worse if this trend continues. If you are a newcomer to the Internet and you are trying to register a domain name and find that all the ones you have thought of have been taken, what do you do? Well, take a look at the following points to help you get there! At least it will help you get a suitable domain name without you having to spend a fortune for it.

The first thing to do of course is to begin searching. Go to the site This site was known earlier as Here, you can find out whether a .com name is available or not and if it has been taken by someone, who it is. It will also give you names that are similar or variations which are still available. You can go a little deeper than that and find out the history of the name you want, what kind of traffic the site gets and also who hosts it. If you want to register a domain name, go to or, open an account with them and you can buy the available name for as little as $7 or $8.

You can look for names that have already been registered in, or Of course some names could cost you a lot – thousands of dollars maybe, so you need to decide just how badly you want a particular name. Then once you’ve found it, you need to decide how much you are willing to pay for it just in case it is for sale. You should also look for expiring domain names and for this you could look at or similar sites and you might just get lucky if the owners let their sites expire.

Before you go and put your money down on a name, make sure it’s a .com. Don’t get carried away if you want a name desperately and you can’t get the .com extension but you find the name is available in a .net or any other extension. The thing is that most customers automatically use .com and you’ll probably have a lot of mails erroneously being sent to the .com extension of your domain name. For you, this customer confusion could be the loss of a sale and that would be tragic. Another problem is that you will probably have to explain your extension each time. With a .com domain name, there is far less confusion. So get a name that is memorable but make sure it’s got that .com at the end!

If you think of a simple one-word name, chances are that it is gone already and the more popular the name, the more likely that it was registered way back when. So it is up to you to get a bit creative with words which could make up your domain name. If you are particular about your domain name being a common name, then look for endings like Inc, Global, Agency, Group, Systems or maybe Solutions. For example, if you want the name Paradigm in your domain name, look for ParadigmInc or ParadigmSystems. Of course, if you are in any particular industry, then that could be what follows the name like Medical, Media, Tech or Capital. Of course, it is quite likely that others too have had the same idea so you need to keep searching till you find a domain name that you think is suitable and yet unique.

Here’s one way to register a name that is unique. Combine popular, simple words. Try and make sure they are positive as well for that ‘feel good’ factor. First of all, list a whole lot of words that describe the industry or business you are in. To these, add a positive or what we would like to call ‘evergreen’ word so it becomes different and unique. Take a look at this example of a name for a promotional goods company that also specialized in embossing. So ‘emboss’ became ‘boss’ and to that was added the word ‘mark’. The result? It sounds good and it was available. Other examples are, and In spite of the many million names that have already been registered, combinations like these mean that there are many, many millions of names more that can be generated. Look at it like this – there are 600,000 words in the most basic of dictionaries. Take all of them and combine them with just 60,000 other words and you get a mind-boggling 3,600,000,000 possibilities! So there’s a long, long way to go before those domain names dry up.

Let’s look at some evergreen words that could have possibilities. Some common ones that first spring to mind are – Star, Point, Mark and First. Having a unique name is a great thing for an online business because not only is the name memorable, it is also easy to track its success on the Internet. Take the domain name – at first, there were hardly any references as far as this name as concerned. Today, just type the name into the search engine bar and it brings up over 345,000 hits – now that is a measure of how quickly it has become popular. However other common names could mean your site gets lost in a sea of matches that come up.

Of course the other option is to invent a name. A lot of great companies have done this. Look at Kodak or Xerox. It does help if the name contains some part of a word and one that has some meaning or emotion attached to it. This inherent meaning goes a long way when you want to build up your brand. For example, a management firm was named so it could bring to mind the insight and clarity that were the firm’s strengths. An online IT company was called Graynium to associate it with intelligence. Make sure of the spelling when you do think of a name because there could be a lot of miss-spelt words causing confusion. 

Finally, go the legal route. See if your domain name can be trademarked. For this, you need to go to in order to check whether the name you have chosen is free and clear or will clash with some existing name that has already been registered. Of course, not all names appear in this site as there could just be small businesses registered at the state level that don’t show up here. A Google search in addition usually is quite thorough. You could also check with an attorney to be on the safe side or you could go check on, which is an online trademark company.