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Top Online Shops: How Do You Locate The Best Sellers On The ‘Net?

What is very strange is that once a person decides to market a product or service on the Internet, more often than not, he just plunges in to see if he can swim. Now this is a far cry from the real world where marketing companies and media houses do thorough surveys before they can plunge in. The whole point is, how serious are you? If you realize that there are fortunes to be made in cyberspace just like in real life you will probably be a bit more serious.

The way to start is to do a survey. You can do what is called a dipstick survey as an initial thrust. This is just testing the waters as it were. Try and determine what people think about your product or service, how much people will be willing to pay for it, etc. What would be great is if you can do a small online survey. For this, you can go and join forums and chat rooms where you feel there would be people who would like to try this product or service. It could all be done for free and you will have got some very valuable insights. Make sure to design your questionnaire well.

Of course, if you are thinking of marketing dog accessories, it wouldn’t be worthwhile going to a Buddhist chat room or forum. Go to discussion rooms where you know there will be dog lovers and start off discussions with them purely so that you can see the way their minds work and what they think, what they want and most importantly, what they buy!

The next thing to do is to check out the competition. Let’s face it, while certain niches have very high traffic and sales, it is also difficult to break in there and make an impact. Maybe you would want to start off in an area where there isn’t as much of competition – a newer niche with potential. Look at the products that offer high profits. Then try and get a fix as to where there will not be as much competition and where you can enter and make somewhat of a mark.

There are places where you can find out how many sellers there are. Some of them I like the most are PayPal, eBay and Amazon.

Searching for Top Online Shops on Paypal - Ebay and Amazon

In PayPal, you will find a link way down at the bottom that says ‘Shops Link’. This lists all the sellers that accept PayPal online and they are categorized so you know exactly who sells what product. Once you click on a category, you get to see what each seller’s volume of sales through PayPal was. This is one sure and quick way of gauging just what products are selling out there on the Internet. Do remember this is just a part of the picture – many online marketers sell a lot more than just through PayPal.

Now for eBay which is another good measure of online marketing. In the Search Box, enter the product you want to sell and you will find all the items in that range for sale. This shows you what is waiting to be sold and it gives you an idea of what products are out there in the virtual marketplace. There’s also a tab for ‘hot items’ here and these can be searched by category. The most advanced tool to search for ebay top sellers and products is the Terra Peak Tool at:

Now for Amazon. Here again, you have a ‘top sellers’ tab and you’ll find that this is updated every hour so you get a good picture of what is selling off those online shelves. Though books are what they are famous for, there are a lot of sales for other products through this site as well.

Well, that’s really just the beginning but it’s a good way to begin down that virtual marketing road!