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The Top Twenty Article Directories

Well, it’s no secret that Internet marketing today relies a lot on those article directories where you can submit your articles for free. What do you get in return? You get that valuable prized possession in cyberspace – the back link. Well, this is really the buzz among Internet marketers though there are some who believe that they can do without it. The thing is that in the ever-changing and growing virtual world, anything and everything is a possibility to make money – so why not grasp whatever is offered?

The fact is that it’s free and all it takes is a bit of your efforts – the effort to write (of course so many get it written but that’s another story!) and the effort to submit (here again, if you can pay someone to do it, so much the better,) The great thing is the math. If you have 20 articles and you submit it to 200 article submission directories, that means 4000 back links. You write just 20 articles, that’s it! Then of course comes the multiplier effect when your articles get reprinted in people’s sites.

In this space, let’s look at the top 20 article submission directories and what their rankings are.

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How does "getting traffic" from a article directory work?

Well, below each article is the space for the Author’s Bio or also called the Resource Box. Your name and the link to your web site go in here. When the article is reprinted, it has to be done together with this Resource Box. So your link is carried along to whoever wants to reproduce the article on his site. The more the number of links to your site, the better your PageRank.

What might be better than submitting to all the sites and sundry would be to concentrate on these top twenty sites which have the most traffic anyway. So the chances are that the efforts you save as far as submission time goes gets compensated by the popularity of these sites and it is more likely people will come here to look for articles to reprint than the more obscure sites.

It really is quite easy to submit articles. What’s more, most browsers today have an auto form filling capability so that makes things so much simpler. So just go and shoot off that article and submit it to these directories with a link back to your site. Then sit back and let the magic of submitting begin to work its spell!